Smart Folders -- where did this go?

I had some 20 smart folders, all for data quality assurance verification, and I don't see the Smart Folders anywhere suddenly. Am I losing my mind, or did the software really drop this?

1Password Version: 7.9
Extension Version:
OS Version: macOS 11.6


  • ag_anaag_ana

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    Hi @Superfandominatrix!

    Do you see the smart folders entry in the menu bar at least? Is it perhaps collapsed? If you click on it, do you see the entire list?

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    @ag_ana thanks for checking in. reconfirmed smart folders are no longer in the 1pw application this morning. definitely gone, not collapsed and no longer appears in the File menu as an option. Screenshot attached

  • ag_anaag_ana

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    Thank you for the confirmation. I have reached out to the team for clarification, I will post back as soon as I hear anything :+1:

  • ag_anaag_ana

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    If you switch from All Vaults to your Primary vault, do the smart folders appear again?

  • @ag_ana it's confirmed, i'm losing my mind.

    yes, the smart folders appear when only one vault is selected. sorry about this! i had just transferred to a new machine and had multiple other things going wrong at the same time.

    mark this one closed~

  • BenBen AWS Team

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    On behalf of Ana, you're very welcome. 1Password membership vaults do not support smart folders — only standalone vaults do. Standalone vaults will not be part of 1Password in future versions, so hopefully we can build some sort of saved search / smart folder replacement that works with our membership service.


  • @Ben thanks for the heads up about standalone vaults.

    Let me provide a use case for smart folders so that this can be communicated with the team. I have a complicated personal life, international cross border moves, identity theft, and an increasing workload for family members. I use 1PW for change management with a combo of descriptive tags and smart folders. Somebody moved? Check 1PW for the items specific to that family member, then update address / phone numbers in only those services that are affected by that move. Somebody's credit card number stolen? Check 1PW for the items specific to that credit card, then update only those service that are affected by the credit card number changing.

    Here is a sample tag structure:


    I use the Smart Folder to identify which records in 1PW are missing a phone tag. The SmartFolder is constructed like this:

    Search: all items
    All: of the following are true
    Tag: is not: phone/000-000-0001
    Tag: is not: phone/000-000-0002
    Tag: is not: phone/000-000-0003
    Tag: is not: phone/none

    ... which results in a (hopefully) short list of items where I forgot to tag if the service was provided a phone number. On a monthly basis I go back to the SmartFolder, add the forgotten tags, so that when a change happens, I have a short list of items to deal with rather than having to one-by-one check hundreds of potential services for the few that have a phone number included in the account profile.

    Types of SmartFolders I've established check for security schema (two-factor via 1PW & Google Auth, VIP Access, SMS, etc. -- useful for when I break a phone and need to reestablish Google Auth tokens), address tags, priority tags (mostly for estate trustee in case I get hit by a bus), email tags, phone tags, SMS security tag where a phone tag is not 000-000-0001, services missing a URL, items with a tag of 2fatoken where I've also tagged it twofactor/unprotected, anything tagged with "problem", etc. etc.

    Follow up question for you, does the current membership allow for Smart Folders like I've described?

  • ag_anaag_ana

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    Thank you for sharing the use case with us!

    Follow up question for you, does the current membership allow for Smart Folders like I've described?

    At the moment I am afraid not.

  • LuddeLudde
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    Yesterday I moved to subscription, and found that the smart stuff was just gone!
    That hurt!

    Dave Teare usually brags about the central database and membership model being so much better with so much more capabilities! And when I succomb, I find that I loose features!

    Today, just about every software use some form av smart folder, smart group, smart collection or smart set – it's a standard feature. It's hard to image than such a thing today can simply be removed/dropped/ignored/deleted!

  • @Ludde I feel your pain. for a number of reasons, one of which was the loss of the smart folder function, i decided to keep with my v7 standalone license and ride it until it dies. For a hot minute, I was prepared to jump on the 50% discount offer to switch over to the membership plan. Changed my mind after the last couple of interactions here on this topic were not to my liking.

    But I'll share with you what my plan was, and perhaps you can make use of it. 1PW has the ability to export content in a couple of different formats, including a non-icloud .csv format. The file fields included in the export is configurable. I was going to export "Title", "Username", "Tags", maybe a few other items, and then import the csv into Python/R and build my own quality assurance queries around that csv data set. The tool development got along as far as getting a project container set up before I abandoned the plan to migrate over so there isn't anything functional I can share with you unfortunately.

    Hope this helps~

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