Primary/private vault with strange name (seems like a bug)

Hi everyone!

Our NGO was using our own 1password account separated from the main one we have for all countries. We decided to export and move all the passwords from our account to the existing main one.
Some of our colleagues have noted that their private vault appears under a strange name (it seems like a bug, you can see an example in attachment). Moreover, they can't see the shared vaults on their 1psw application (on their laptop), but the shared vaults appear only on the chrome version (the online one) after they log in.

Do you have any suggestions about this problem? Thank you

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  • Jack.P_1P
    edited October 2021

    Hi @giuliapandina:

    It sounds like things may not have migrated quite right for the colleagues you mentioned. Since we'll need to take a closer look at their individual setup to make sure they don't lose any items when they reset the app, can you please have each of your affected colleagues email us at [email protected] with a diagnostics report?

    To collect a diagnostics report from 1Password for Mac, follow these steps:

    Each of them will need to send the report from their own email address to us.

    Please have them include:
    A link to this thread:
    Your username: giuliapandina

    They should each receive an automated reply from our BitBot assistant with a Support ID number. Please post those numbers here. Thanks!

  • giuliapandina
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    Hi @jack.platten these are the ID number from our colleagues:

  • ag_ana
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    Thank you! I confirm that I have managed to locate your messages in our system :+1: I see that my colleagues have already replied to you over there, so I will let you continue the conversation via email :+1:

    ref: GNN-87568-689

    ref: PDS-95757-133

  • giuliapandina
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    Thank you so much :)

  • ag_ana
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    You are very welcome :)

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