Suspicious email activity Saturday October 23, 2021

Earlier today, we were made aware by a number of people, both customers of 1Password and others, of suspicious email activity. Our team would like to reassure everyone that there is no evidence of any breach of personal information from 1Password. Your data is safe.

The emails being sent are the result of an individual (or group of individuals) who have sourced a random list of email addresses – publicly available on the internet – and are using those addresses to try and sign up for 1Password accounts en masse.

This has triggered our system to send the normal initial sign-up verification email. The verification codes people have received exist to ensure no one can create an account if they are not the owner of the email address.

If you have received an email from 1Password that you weren't expecting, simply delete it. This email has not created a new account, nor made any changes to existing ones. We're here if you'd like further explanation or have any questions at

Again, we want to reassure you that your data is safe in 1Password. There has been no compromise of any of our systems. We are continuing to investigate this and will update this thread should any further information become available.

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