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I'm being forced (I know, I know - don't go there!) to upgrade to a membership account. I understand about progress and have no problem supporting that with the annual fee. But I don't want my data in a cloud - yours or any other. I've always been satisfied to have my 1Password data on my local machine; it is backed up daily. I'm the sole user of both the computer and the 1Password account. I'm on a Windows (10) desktop with Firefox extension. So my question: is it possible to have my data ONLY on my local machine?

Thanks. Be safe. And, "Hi, Mike". 8-)


  • jack.plattenjack.platten

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    Hi @gorham,

    Thanks for being a fan of 1Password for so long. I completely understand your hesitation about storing your data in a "cloud", and I'd like to discuss it a bit further with you.

    You mentioned that you back up your computer daily, I'm curious about your process for this. Is your data being backed up to the cloud or is it local? Both options have their pros and cons, so I'd love to know more about your setup.


  • gorhamgorham
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    Hi @jack.platten
    I use a software program, Handy Backup 8, and back each of my drives daily to a free-standing separate external drive. Then periodically (but not often enough), I do an entire backup to a buffalo drive that's kept in a bank safe deposit box.

    I certainly recognize the value in keeping backups of the important things (like passwords) safely separate. But I've just never been able to bring myself to have faith in someone else's equipment in a galaxy far, far away. It's not at all that I don't trust the agilebits people but there've been just too many breeches of "impregnable" data repositories. Sigh. My setup isn't good enough but I've decided to live with it. Both its pros and cons.


  • jack.plattenjack.platten

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    Hi @gorham,

    It sounds like you've already thought through the pros and cons of all of this, but I'd love to discuss a bit more about this. You touched on a very good point about not being able to bring yourself to have faith in someone else's equipment, and we feel much the same way.

    Your method of moving your data offsite frequently touches on a few great points when it comes to data continuity, which touches on a problem we worked very hard to solve with a 1Password account which is that your backups are now no longer in your direct control. It's fantastic when you're concerned about your house or computer being damaged in a natural disaster or similar, but the flip side of it is what it means for your data and who has access to it when it's offsite. Ideally, you wouldn't need to have faith that your safety deposit box couldn't be opened by someone else, it would just be fundamentally impossible for it to be opened by anyone other than you.

    That very problem and how to solve it is why we use the Secret Key for 1Password accounts. Your Secret Key is a separate encryption ingredient that is never sent to us. Your account password protects your data while it's on your devices, but the data is encrypted with your Secret Key before ever being uploaded to our servers. A hypothetical breach (which I must emphasize, has not happened) would result in the attacker receiving a blob of encrypted data. This data would be useless without both your account password, and your Secret Key. For more specifics about how the Secret Key works, see here: About your Secret Key


  • Hi @jack.platten

    Your points are well taken. I guess nothing is totally impregnable, including ultimately my safe deposit box actually. That being said, I've made the move and set up my 1PW account. But ... uh ... Now what? I don't use my android devices for online accounts and don't plan to install 1PW on my phone or tablets. I don't sync. My 1PW is working just as it always has, from my browser toolbar and on the desktop. I haven't made or been asked to make any changes or moves. My license shows as the one purchased in February, 2019. If I decided not to continue with the membership during/after the 3 month trial, does the account just revert under that same license.

    Anyway I'm thinking, I've basically bought the capability to upgrade to version 8 and also ensured that I get all updates (not just major security fixes). I feel like I probably missed something. So. Was there really any point in upgrading? Did anyone notice that white rabbit? Help?

    Meanwhile, what does the future hold for 1Password for Windows? My machine can't be upgraded to Windows 11. I'd have had to know more before going there anyway. But does that have any bearing on 1Password? Also will the Windows version continue as somewhat of an afterthought or stepchild? I understand that, by the way. You'd likely developed the software on one platform or the other and that becomes -centric. One does need occasional reassurance though. :|

    I appreciate your taking the time to help.


  • jack.plattenjack.platten

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    Hi @gorham:

    I'm very excited to hear you're giving a 1Password account a try!

    Just to clarify what you're getting right now today, with a 1Password membership you're getting the safe off-site backup and recovery method by using your Emergency Kit in case something were to happen to your computer, as well as version history and the ability to restore deleted items. If you ever wanted to install 1Password on your phone or tablets, you'd be able to sign into your 1Password account there as well and not have to worry about syncing anything. Here's some more details about what you're getting with a 1Password membership: About 1Password membership

    Additionally, one of the things we're very proud of when it comes to 1Password 8 is we're using a shared backend codebase across all of our apps, allowing all our apps to move forward together at the same time. For more specifics on this, this blog post on the architecture and design behind 1Password 8 would be a great read: 1Password 8: The Story So Far

    You are very welcome!


  • Thanks as usual @jack.platten !

    I've read through the very helpful articles you steered me to; very impressive!

    Jack, I'm just not comfortable with the idea that I migrate to the cloud and then delete my local vault. I find that very unsettling and I think I can't bring myself to do it. I guess it's kind of like an old shoe. Very comfortable to have it tucked in a corner of my desktop and always available. To me. Only. I'm so used to that.

    Intellectually I totally get the concept and the mechanics. Emotionally, not so much.

    I've put you to a lot of trouble and probably to no end. So sorry.

    Meanwhile, I've cancelled my subscription but the membership is still active. If I permanently delete my (as yet unpopulated) account, does that have any effect on my local vault?

    I still have 13 days before the account starts squawking at me to pay up. I'll consider carefully. But once I get the answer regarding the impact to my local vault, I'll do my thinking on my own and not bother you anymore. Sigh. Sometimes technology is hateful!

    Thanks again so much.


  • Hi @gorham:

    Glad to hear those articles were helpful.

    Very comfortable to have it tucked in a corner of my desktop and always available. To me. Only. I'm so used to that.

    Just to touch on this, even with a 1Password.com account, your vaults will still be accessible to you even when you're offline.

    Meanwhile, I've cancelled my subscription but the membership is still active. If I permanently delete my (as yet unpopulated) account, does that have any effect on my local vault?

    To ensure you don't lose any data, I would recommend signing out of your 1Password account in 1Password for Windows first: Account > "Your Name" > Sign out, making sure everything is as it should be on your local vaults, and then making any decisions about deleting your account.

    We're always here if you have any questions, and we'd love to see you again in the future! :smile:


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