my checking account has been hacked

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I need help securing my information. I've been seriously hacked and they're draining my bank account rapidly. I'm living on Social Security only and barely have enough money to live on as it is. What can I do to protect my account? I fear that I'll be out on the streets otherwise. Is One Password helpful for that? I'm trying everything but the hackers seem to know how to guess new passwords. They operate out of Jalisco, Mexico and I'm in Cozumel, Mexico. I have no cash because I'm afraid to go to the ATM. I'm 100% stressed out, newly divorced and don't speak a lot of Spanish. Will updating my Mac to a more advanced operating system help? Also, how do I know if spyware has been installed? I'm 68 and very scared.

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OS Version: 10.15.7
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    @JEVH13snickerdoodle Sorry to hear of your problems.

    I would start by phoning your bank and explaining the situation to them. They must have English speaking operators for dealing with situations like this. They are likely to ask you to choose new passwords, choose ones you have never used before and write them down on a piece of paper.

    The hackers are probably not guessing your passwords. It's much more likely that:

    1. You are choosing passwords that you have used before: 1Password can help here because you can then use random passwords you have never used before and rely on 1Password to remember them for you.
    2. There is keylogging software on your machine: do you have access to another device which has not been involved so far?
    3. You have been tricked into going to a fake banking website: Don't click on any links or use your browser history to access your bank's website. Type the address manually using the details from your bank card or statement.

    Good luck!

  • Hi @JEVH13snickerdoodle:

    I'm extremely sorry to hear about what you're running into, and rootzero touched on some great points above. I see that you've also emailed us as well, so we'll continue the conversation there.


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