Disable subscription ad in 1Password app

LosInvalidosLosInvalidos Junior Member

How can I disable the ads that have started showing in version 7.9.1 (70901007)?

1Password Version: 7.9.1
Extension Version: N/A
OS Version: 11.6.1


  • Hi @LosInvalidos:

    Thanks for reaching out about this. We're absolutely excited about how 1Password 8 works with a 1Password membership, and we decided that 1Password 8 would be membership only (For more specifics on this, here's a post by our founder Dave Teare) and wanted to make sure customers were ready when it launches.

    We collected very little information about our buyers of a 1Password license at the time of purchase. Combined with the fact that we don't collect telemetry from the 1Password app itself, there are very few options for notifying license users of 1Password 7 that memberships were the way forward, while ensuring it was something they would definitely see.

    With that in mind however, I can completely understand why it's annoying seeing this notification. 1Password for Mac 7.9.2, currently in beta, adds the ability for you to dismiss the notification.


  • LosInvalidosLosInvalidos Junior Member

    Thanks for addressing this.

  • @jack.platten
    If you want to notify users that 1Password 8 will be membership-only, you do not achieve that by sticking an ad for memberships in 1Password 7's main window (dismissable or not); you need to tell them that 1Password 8 will be membership-only. I saw the ad and only learned about 1Password ceasing to offer a standalone version when I went to this forum intending to complain about an ad in my app.

    And yes, what you've done in 7.9.1 is an ad, not a notification. (Not that a proper notification with the given text would have achieved your purported goal either.) I must say I resent you putting anything that is not a function of the app in the main window, let alone something that reduces actual workspace. I would have expected better of 1Password.

    If your actual goal is to inform users about the cessation of standalone versions, then do so properly.

    If your goal is to do a promotion, at least keep it out of the app's main window, please.

    In both cases, an actual notification plus separate window (like in updates) would be a decent choice.

  • Hi @sandy_suppleweed:

    Thanks for that feedback. Clicking the bulletin does show a page with a bit more info about the specifics of why we're showing it, but I completely understand your point of view and the interruption to your workflow, and as mentioned, 1Password for Windows has already received the ability to dismiss it, with 1Password for Mac receiving it in version 7.9.2.


  • While I am happy this is being addressed, for future reference, this is completely unacceptable in a PAID application.

  • ag_anaag_ana 1Password Alumni

    Thank you for the feedback @danr, I will be happy to pass it to the rest of the team :+1:

  • I have received this ad today too and am not very happy about it either. I even have subscription vaults in my app through 1Password families and a business subscription, and I still got this stupid ad.

    I get you want to get everyone into subscriptions as fast as possible, but man. The recent behavior, dark patterns and communication makes 1Password feel like soulless revenue OKR chasing with disconnect from its core user base

  • ag_anaag_ana 1Password Alumni

    Thank you for chiming in on this as well @ordinarybeef!

  • Hi. I have the same issue with the Ad screen keep popping up. 3-6 of them appear each time I click on a password field.
    This is really infuriating. I have version 7.9.2 installed on my Mac which from previous posts, inferred that version fixed this issue.
    It could be because I paid for the app before the subscription model was introduced, a few years ago.
    Hope this can be fixed.

  • BenBen AWS Team

    Team Member

    Hi @Springers

    Please reach out to our migration team via email at [email protected] for assistance on this point. They'd be in the best position to help you.



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