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Hello! Today I have another user experience question I have experienced a few times and looking for an improvement in my usage of 1Password.

Some websites, such as Slack and, host multiple portals that all require different logins. That's fine, and I usually have no problem selecting from the (potentially long) set credentials I need to use on that site. (although that's a small additonal effort in its own right.)

However, my question today is about creating new passwords for sites such as those. In the following screenshots I show the options available to me when creating a new account at a job application portal. It's used by multiple companies and I've already created some accounts over the years. When creating a new account, none of the user interface panels I have access to offer me an accelerator to create this new account or even give me a new password generator. Actually, it seems to think I want to log in. And I have to just open 1password using the browser extension to generate a password to paste in, or create the new entry myself manually since I'm already in the browser extension.

I'm not sure what the solution here is, whatever it is it would be subtle, but maybe there's room for improvement, or more likely I'm using the application wrong. Appreciate any feedback!

1Password Version: 8.3.0
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Fedora 35


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    Hi @fultonm:

    Thanks for writing in about this. I can definitely see this isn't ideal, and I was able to replicate the same behavior, so I've added your feedback internally to see if we can make this a bit smoother in the future.

    As a workaround, manually typing your email into the Email Address field, and then selecting the Verify New Password field to generate a new password will allow you to save a new item containing the username and password, and then copying and pasting the saved password into the Password field.

    Additionally, I've censored your screenshots to remove your email addresses that were visible. :smile:


    ref: dev/core/core#11379

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