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Is there a way to force the install for all users - so that i don't have to manually go in and install it on each user profile?

I know this wasn't supported in 6 and possibly not the early versions of 7, but i thought thee was a work around (command line maybe?) to force the 7 install for all users.

Thanks :-)

1Password Version: 8
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Windows 11


  • 1P_Gem1P_Gem

    Team Member

    Hi @gussic!

    There's no way to do this for 1Password 8 at the moment, as we only have a user installer available. It would be possible to install across multiple user profiles using the MSI installer, however we're still working on polishing the MSI package for 1Password 8, and it isn't quite ready for distribution just yet.

  • @1P_Gem Thanks for the reply! That makes complete sense given how new it is. Any (even rough, subject to change etc) ETA on when the MSI installer will be ready? I have a few multi user machines and the people that use them all use 1P but trying to ensure they have the latest version when it is installed on a per-user basis is a nightmare. None of them are particularly tech literate.

  • BlakeBlake

    Team Member

    While we generally refrain from providing a ETA's, we do have a list of folks we've compiled internally that we plan to notify as soon as the MSI installer is ready.

    If you'd like, I can add you to that list and as soon as we have something tangible, we can update you here and get it into your hands ASAP.. 😊

  • gussicgussic
    edited November 23

    @Blake Thanks for the response, and apologies for my delayed reply.

    Yes please, if you could add me to the list i'd appreciate it.

  • PeterG_1PPeterG_1P

    Team Member

    No problem, @gussic. Done! We'll be sure to contact you when the time comes. 👍

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