Team Report linked family account data accuracy in question

I really appreciate the team report data in helping us to keep our team on their toes. I have asked in the past about getting family account linking status and it looks like it has been added to this report, which is extremely helpful in encouraging adoption.

Unfortunately, I suspect this data is not accurate - so I can't use it

I believe this for three reasons - it feels wrong based on cases I personally know - It does not seem to correlate with the events noting when family accounts were connected - and the flyout text over the status largely does not match the checkmarks in the column on the web report

screen shot enclosed

Our business account is several years old and was originally a teams account - so there are historical reasons that might explain this, but i'd really like it to be accurate or have a reliable workaround

It would be especially useful for us if I could trigger these analytics reports and retrieve their results via CLI - i don't think this is supported yet

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  • ag_maxag_max

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    Hi @paulpharr,

    Something doesn't look quite right. So that our team can help investigate this with you privately, can I have you contact us via email using the email address associated with your 1Password account? You can send it to [email protected] at your convenience. After you send the email, feel free to post the ticket number you receive so we can locate your message and connect it with this Community discussion. :+1:

  • PRB-95812-489

  • ag_maxag_max

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    Thanks, @paulpharr, I see your email in our system. We'll go ahead and focus responding there. :+1:

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