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Today I installed Linux on my Chromebook. The installation was easy no problem I have the 1password extension on the Mozilla browser (Firefox) what I want to know is if there's any security loopholes or patches or issues that I would need to be made aware of if I use Firefox on my Chromebook I don't want to turn on the1 password extension and use it if I'm going to wind up with security issues I'm just your basic home user who fiddled around with my Chromebook and was able to install Linux and install Firefox I just want to make sure that it's safe to use I libut I don't want to have any security problems

any advice is appreciated thank you

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  • Hi, @kram5819.

    I'm not familiar with Chromebooks, but it looks like they mostly run x86 processors. That would indicate to me that you're able to use one of the most common Linux distributions, and that you'll probably get OS updates as quickly as anyone else. With that in mind, and assuming you are keeping your system up to date, I'm not aware of any current security issues with Linux or Firefox. Make sure you run all of your software as your own user and exercise care with what applications you grant root access to.

    Our browser extension is built to be just as secure as our desktop applications, and we have some fantastic security folks who are always trying to dream up new attack vectors and how to protect against them.

    I've also asked one of them to chime in with more details, but he is on vacation this week and won't be able to reply until he returns.

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