Critical issues - 2-factor authentication missing after setup

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Had no idea where to put this in the forms. Basically I set up accounts with 2-factor authentication using the 1Password app - however I no longer see any 2-factor authentication/temporary password information on any of the accounts that I set up - despite confirming on the account websites that I have set up two factor.

This is a major issue since I am locked out of certian accounts now that lack alternative means of access without the authentication. I sincerely wish there was a contract number for urgent issues such as this.

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  • Hi @cpritchardv. While we don't have a support number, we're happy to reply to you here or over email. That said, did you previously see the one-time password fields in these login items, and notice they're now missing? Or did you go through and save them all, but realize that they never got saved?

    Did you create add all of these in 1Password for Android, or was it something you did over time using multiple devices? Finally, if you sign into your account from a browser, are you able to see the one-time passwords in the item history?

  • cpritchardv
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    I checked item history and wasn't able to see anything regarding one-time passwords. I don't remember specifically if I added these through the windows app, the chrome extension, or android.

  • Let's take a closer look into this. Please send us an email with a bit more detail about the exact steps (if you recall) and we can help out.

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