I've messed something up royally 1Password 7

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Somehow I ended up with 1Password 7. I had an older version (maybe a stand-alone version from the app store I don't know) but now all I can open is version 7. I can access my saved passwords on my iMac and my iPhone. However, it does not seem like I'm signed in on either my iPhone or my iMac. So I can't get a QR code. I don't even know if I had an account before. But on my iMac, I can't seem to edit my passwords now. There is no edit button. Do I have to have an account or something to edit a URL or Password? There used to be an edit button. I still have the older version of 1Password on my iMac but it will not open now that version 7 has been installed. I don't have an emergency kit or a secret key. The term secret key sounds familiar but if I had one it was on my old iMac that the hard drive broke on so I can't access anything from that computer. I don't know what to do now and I'd like to go back to my older version but I don't know how to do that and I cannot lose my passwords I have 100's of them!!

Please help me I don't know what to do and fear I've screwed everything up. How can I edit a darn password or URL without an edit button? Plus I can't click on a URL in 1Password and have it take me to that URL, nothing happens. What a mess.

Maybe I don't have an account but I don't have a secret key anymore either. And I've emailed support but so far have not heard back. Very frustrated.


1Password Version: 7.9.1
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: macOS Big Sur 11.6


  • Hey @pixiegirl:

    I'm sorry that you're running into so much trouble getting 1Password working, that definitely isn't the experience we want you to have.

    It looks like you've emailed us about this as well. Since we'll likely need to discuss specifics, to protect your privacy as well as to avoid duplicating our efforts, I'm going to go ahead and close this thread, and we'll be in touch there to help you out.


    ref: JRB-34184-233

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