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Watchtower - Compromised websites (or better, compromised data)

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I'm migrating (and combining) from Dashlane and others to 1Password.
One of the things I liked in Dashlane is the way they do security alerts (security dashboard & password health):
1. They do not only alert when a breach contains usernames & passwords, but also when other personal information is involved
2. they also keep the alert "active/open" until you manually close it (and they do inform if you potentially need to take action or not anymore)
3. the above point allows to keep a better security view on the state of my logins
4. overall the Security and Dark Web monitoring in Dashlane seems to be much more complete than what 1P currently is offering

It would be good for 1Password to try and complement the watchtower with a more indept (dark web) monitoring, maybe also more smart :

  • take certain types of (already existing) categories/records into account like : credit card, email addresses, ... and add some dedicated records, like "phone number", "address" so they can be monitored
  • automatically analyze data, compare it with the data from sites like HIBP, DeHashed, SpyCloud, webz.io, nuclearleaks.com and a few others.....
  • if there are matches, alert on these matches, and possibly add some advice on what to do etc....

Example from Dashlane on how a next level watchtower could look like.

So that for me is the biggest loss when leaving Dashlane, I've to revert to Norton for some limited dark web & data breach monitoring

A gap in 1Password:

  • when I import a batch of "logins" on 24/11/2021, the last modified (and creation) date is of course 24/11/2021
  • so even if I would import an old password, which would still be compromised, I will not get an alert in 1Password.
  • while in Dashlane, I at least would still see the alert until I close it myself

So I consider the above as a strong feature request, to make 1P a better product for password management and monitoring

1Password Version: 7.9.828
Extension Version: 2.1.4
OS Version: Windows 10

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