can not login at websites after changing pw into new one in 1pw

I have been using simple passwords all my life for a lot of different websites. Now I want to change them, one by one, into more complicated, automatic generated passwords by 1password. So I log into 1password, go in the vault to the specific website I want to change the password from. I click on the grey key on the right and right away a new, complicated password shows up! I save it and I log out from 1password. Then, when I test it on the specific website and let 1password fill in the username and password, I can not log in because it says username/password is incorrect. So when I choose to reveal password, I do see the new, complicated password so it did go through but it does not work. I have tried with a lot of websites and I keep getting the same problem and it drives me insane!!!!! So please help me on this one. Thank you!!!

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  • @Casper79 1Password can't "change" a website password, it can help you generate a new one that it will store for you in your vault.

    To really change a password on a website, it generally involves login into your account on this website, go through the password change process, type your old password and type the new one you will have generated with 1Password.

    If you have modified many passwords in 1Password already, don't worry as any entry you have in your 1Password vault has a "password history", helps if you make a mistake.

    I'll let the AgileBits staff explain this to you in more detail (I'm on a mobile phone).

  • Wow thank you so much for your prompt reply! I will try it right away. Have a good day.

  • Hi @Casper79:

    Glad to hear you're wanting to strengthen your passwords! @J.M touched on exactly what I would have suggested (thanks for the assist! :smile:). As mentioned, 1Password does not change any passwords for you. However, 1Password in the browser can help you with creating new passwords, as described here: Use the password generator to change and strengthen your passwords

    Let me know if you run into any troubles along the way and I'd be happy to help!


  • Hi Jack,
    Thanx so much for your reply! If there are any questions left, I will let you know.

    Kind regards,

  • You're very welcome @Casper79! :smile:

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