Autofill hardly working correctly

I’ve been having a mostly poor experience with the in browser auto fill when it comes to filling in contact info, addresses, credit cards. Unfortunately it seems to be wrong more often than its right in my experience. I’ve emailed support to let them know of some sites where it happens and from the reply I got the impression that it’s up to the website to fix this and isn’t an issue with 1Password. What I don’t understand with that is when using the Safari auto fill for those same categories, it works flawlessly, even on the very same forms that I emailed support about.

Is this an area big improvements can be expected to be made? Because even though I’d like to have the inline autofill turned on for password fields, the autofill for the other forms has been so wrong/annoying I’ve turned it off completely.


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    Hey @VictorVon ,

    We always strive to make 1Password better with autofilling! Granted, it is an uphill battle as every website is built and designed differently, but one of the main ways we improve is by users reports

    Can you please let me know the support ticket(s) number you had with us previously so we can investigate these websites further and collect the necessary information (if we haven't already)? The ticket number is found in the email's subject line. :chuffed:

  • Hey @ag_yaron thanks for the reply. Here is a ticket #UBW-47869-815

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    Hey @VictorVon ,
    Thanks for the ticket number. iPhone autofill issues (or extension issues) are handled a bit differently, I was certain you were experiencing autofill issues on your computer.

    However, the website you provided in that email does indeed suffer the same issue on a computer as well so I believe we will be able to fix that. I'll file it internally for our developers to improve 1Password on that page.

    If you encounter any other filling issues on your computer, send the websites to [email protected] where me and my team will be happy to investigate and file it to the development team if needed :)

    ref: dev/core/core#11561

  • Right on, thanks @ag_yaron I appreciate you looking into that👍 I’ll be sure to forward any issues I may find on desktop to the email you provided.

  • ag_yaronag_yaron

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    Glad I could help :+1:

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