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Hello everyone
First of all, I really love 1Password. And I've had it for many years.
At first I had the first free version for a long time. Then I decided to buy the new version and I'm also happy to pay something for the great software.
I then started with Windows version 7. This version was really perfect, very simple and worked very well with many detail functions that are helpful. It was very easy to create a tag tree.
The Tag's Tree is very important to me and I find it very good to have a structure with the entries.
So I was very happy when I saw that a new version 8 was coming. Of course, I downloaded them straight away and tried them out.
I've seen a lot of new functions that are great. But I found exactly or even more things where some things are worse or no longer work like in the old version 7.
It's a shame, especially in the area of ​​tags, where things have changed for the worse. I wrote feedback here in the forum and also in the support. Of course, I got an immediate answer from the support team. And they take care of these points.
What I don't understand, however, is that a new software version was delivered with so many setbacks.
Please have a look at the tag's area in version 7, it is no longer so easy and clever to process tags.

i really love to help your to make is better or the same like version 7

But now i want do deinstall the version 8 and want to use back the v 7
Thats my question now:
Can i just deinstall V8 and install 7 again with no problem or do i need take care someting before i doing this?

Thanks for help

And sorry i not wanna make it baddly i told you i really love it im a developer too and i know is good to get feedback to make all more better

Thanks support team and i know you make a great Job!!
Cheers Dany

1Password Version: V8
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Windows


  • Jack.P_1PJack.P_1P

    Team Member

    Hi @Dany:

    Thanks for all your feedback here. Since 1Password 7 and 1Password 8 can't be installed at the same time, first uninstall 1Password 8 for Windows, then reinstall 1Password 7.

    We're always iterating on how 1Password looks and behaves, so I hope we can make it a bit smoother for you in the future!


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