1Password Extension not working in any browser after 1Password 8 update

I upgraded to the 1Password 8 desktop app a few days back. I use the older 1Password browser extension here in the chrome web store to use 1Password in the browser, but ever since the update, the extension doesn't seem to be working at all, and I keep getting this message -

I've followed all the recommended troubleshooting steps - restarted app, restarted browser, restarted machine, nothing helps.

1Password Version: 8.4.1
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: 10


  • Hi @manishgiri:

    Glad to hear you're giving 1Password 8 a try! 1Password 8 is only compatible with our newer browser extension, 1Password in the browser, and does not support the classic extension that requires the desktop app.


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    Hello @jack.platten , thank you for responding!

    The reason I've avoided using the newer 1Password browser extension, which used to be called 1PasswordX not too long ago (IIRC), is that the extension tends to suppress the default password saving feature of the browser. There was an option in the extension configuration which would enable the browser's password saving feature to be functional again, but with that, the 1Password extension itself would no longer save new passwords automatically. Is that still the case with this extension that you linked to?

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    You can do that :) Please see this recent discussion for the details on how to make the 1Password browser extension work together with your browser's autofill feature ;)

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