I finally upgraded to the Family account and loving it!

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Upgrades for me are a long-drawn-out process. I've been a 1Password user since 2010. A few years ago I started investigating the subscription model. Not a fan of subscription software, I was not interested in switching over from my standalone license version, After learning that the future of 1Password will be exclusively subscription, I started looking more closely at the Family Membership. after all, I have 4 people in our family all using standalone licenses. Well, today I pulled the trigger and signed up for the 14 day trial of Family. I've spent several hours moving things around into different vaults. Tomorrow I'll invite my wife to join so she can move off the license copy and we can better share data without using Dropbox. I want to thank @ag_ana, @Ben, @jack.platten, and a few others for answering a whole lot of my questions. I'm sure Ill still have a few more questions, but I'm really happy I finally switched over to Family. 1Password is a very important program for our family and well worth the price. I was told I would get a 50% discount so that makes it even better. Thanks!

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    I want to thank @ag_ana, @Ben, @jack.platten, and a few others for answering a whole lot of my questions

    You are welcome @ajahn! And thank you for the update, it's great to hear that you are enjoying 1Password Families :)

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