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Tonight I created a new account at disneyplus.com. It's 2 steps. Step 1, create user name. 1Password created a new Login item for the user name I entered. Step 2, create a password. 1Password generated one for me, and I accepted it.

Outcome: a Login item with the user name, and a separate Password item with the password. I had to copy the password into the Login item.

I'm never confident that 1Password will save new and updated passwords where I expect it will, and usually save passwords somewhere manually, just in case, until I can confirm the Login works. Does 1Password have a problem in general with 2-step creation of accounts? Is this a specific problem with Disney Plus?

1Password Version: 7.9.1
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: 11.5.2


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    Extension Version: Not Provided

    What version of the browser extension did you use to create this login item?

  • In Safari > Preferences > Extensions it says 1Password 7.9.1.

    I didn't realize the extension version could be different than the app. In this case, it's the same.

    I meant to post this in Mac topic, by the way. Ooops.

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    I didn't realize the extension version could be different than the app. In this case, it's the same.

    Not in Safari, but in Chrome and Firefox this can be the case, for example :+1:

    Thank you also for the confirmation! If you use the Save in 1Password button that appears below the login form, 1Password will create a new Login for you, and then when you generate a password on the next page, it will update the Login item it created in the previous step:

    Save a login for a website where the username and password are on different pages

  • I just experimented again at Disney, but not completely, because I didn't want to really create a second Disney account.

    First, I created a new user name at a fake email address - 1Password offered some suggested user names, but when I simply typed my own chosen user name, 1Password offered to create a Login for it. Which is good, so far.

    (But one thing I noticed is if I typed anything after I filled the user name, whether intentionally or by accident, like if I had a typo in the user name and needed to fix it, the offer to save the Login disappeared and didn't reappear. I refreshed the page to start over.)

    Then on the password creation page, 1Password generated a password, and I accepted it. But at this point there was no offer to save it in the Login. There was a Continue button, but I stopped my experiment at this point. What happened last time I actually registered is I clicked Continue, and never saw any prompt from 1Password to save the password.

    The link you provided above actually says I should not go on to their next page at that point (which is what their Continue button does). Your instructions are:

    On the second page, which asks for your password:

    Enter your password, but do not sign in or go to the next page.
    Click Save in 1Password. If you see Update Existing, click it.
    Choose the login you just created and click Update.

    That wasn't an option. The Password item did exist with the password I generated, though, so I copy/pasted the password from it into the Login.

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    Hey @Tonetony ,
    I'm trying to reproduce it here but Disney Plus's website redirects me to my native language's version which is probably a bit different than the website you're experiencing this on.

    I think there are two possible issues here:

    • The username field resides on one URL (e.g. disneyplus.com), then when you proceed to the password field, it resides on a different URL (e.g. disneyplusaccount.com), which makes 1Password treat it as a completely different website and which is why you were offered to save it as a separate login item. The solution here would be to edit one of the entries that were created and manually input the missing field in it, then delete the other redundant entry. You may want to add both website URLs into that single login entry as well so that autofilling would work on both.
    • The login form is built in a way that prevents 1Password from recognizing and designating the fields properly, in which case I'd recommend to trigger the save prompt manually by clicking 1Password's extension icon in Safari's toolbar, then click the grey gear icon on the top right and select "New Login". By triggering the save prompt you will be able to update the existing login or save it as a new one on demand even if the "Save in 1Password" button doesn't show up.

    I hope you'll find one of the above helpful in such scenarios. You can also try to apply it with another test run on disneyplus.com.

  • Thanks, I just ran a dozen tests, was able to make it completely work only once, using your second suggestion. That success came in my final trial.

    The 2 steps are on the same domain, disneyplus.com.

    What unites the failure of all of the following tests is 1Password failing to show the New Login window even when manually requested by me.

    First try, I was able to get the Login created at the first step. Entered username, clicked the inline Save Password button, was shown the 1Password New Login window, adjusted it to use the Login item name I want, and then saved the Login. A Login item was created as expected. On the next page to create password, the moment I accepted the inline generated password extension, a Password item was created. This is good, so far. I then followed your instructions to try to use the Extension gear icon approach, but this didn't work. After clicking the gear's New Login option, the 1Password New Login window was not displayed to me. So I was left with a saved Login item and a separate saved Password item, and would have to manually copy the password from the Password to the Login. That's the same outcome as my original outcome.

    I repeated the test many times, and things got worse. The new problem was now even the initial login creation step started failing, as 1Password stopped showing me the New Login window even at that stage.

    I tried both with the inline method, and the extension method.

    Inline: after entering user name, click Save Password prompt, and nothing happens. Not shown the New Login window.

    Extension: after entering user name, click Extension gear, select New Login, and nothing happens. Not shown the New Login window.

    I restarted Safari many times, and completely quit/restarted 1Password a few times. Tried a private window once (just in case some cookie was causing mischief).

    FINALLY, I got both steps to work using your second suggestion. Saved the new login by pressing the Save Password button from the inline prompt - it properly gave me the New Login window and I created the Login. Then in the next step accepted the generated password (whereupon 1Password instantly created a Password item), then clicked the Extension gear/New Login, was finally shown the expected New Login window, picked Update Existing, and 1Password copied the password into the Login and removed the temporary Password item. This was complete success, at last.

    So it can work, with manual intervention to update the login with the password, but only if I can get the New Login window to appear at the required times during user name and password creation time, and for some reason 1Password isn't doing that reliably at disneyplus.

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    Hey @Tonetony ,
    Thank you kindly for taking the time to test this so thoroughly.

    Do you have an active membership account with us? If so, would you mind testing this one more time with the new "1Password for Safari" extension? I think things will work much better there for you:

    1. Open Safari and go to Safari's Preferences -> Extensions -> Turn off the "1Password" extension there.
    2. Download and install 1Password for Safari: https://apps.apple.com/il/app/1password-for-safari/id1569813296?mt=12
    3. Turn on that extension in Safari's preferences -> Extensions, then sign into your 1Password.com account when it asks you to activate it.
    4. Test the flow on Disney's website once more and see if things are clearer and work better with this extension.
    5. When you're done testing, go into Safari's preferences -> Extensions -> Turn off 1Password for Safari and turn the regular "1Password" extension back on.

    This test will determine if we've already improved the flow on such problematic webpages, in which case the improvements will soon be officially released as soon as 1Password 8 is released :)

  • My pleasure.

    I have a subscription to 1Password but I get the Mac version and updates from 1Password directly, not from the app store.

    I do have reservations about trying that out.

    Would installing this from the app store have any implication for the future? I don't want to get locked into having to use the Mac app store for 1Password if I can help it. I do have one app that I have to get from the store, probably because I subscribed to its iOS version first and there may have been no other option available, but otherwise I install/check for updates/update everything directly from vendor sites.

    Also, when done with the test, beyond turning off this new extension, is there a way to completely and cleanly remove it? For instance, on my system (Big Sur) I have


    which has entries for all my currently installed extensions.

    I presume this extension would be its own, separate app - but do you also create separate data folders everywhere in ~/Library? Or would this extension be using the same folders the original extension uses, so that they would get kind of entangled? Maybe using separate files, but in the same folders. I've seen your instructions in https://support.1password.com/uninstall-1password/ but that isn't describing what I'd want to do.

    That's a lot of questions, and you probably didn't sign up for giving me a tutorial about Mac app extension management, so probably the easiest thing for you to do is conclude I may not be the best guy to help you out with this kind of thing :).

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    Hey @Tonetony ,

    The only implications this will have is that you'll be better prepared for when 1Password 8 launches ;)

    The "1Password for Safari" extension is indeed built and designed as a standalone extension that can work and function without the desktop app, and it also contains some enhanced autofilling logic and abilities.
    Removing it should be as easy as deleting it from your Applications folder - that'll get rid of it for good. Any remnants in your Mac's supporting folders have no impact or future implications.

    If you're reluctant to try this due to the Mac App Store, there's another way - test it on a different browser:

    1. Open a different browser (Chrome, Firefox, Brave, Edge).
    2. Install 1Password in it: https://support.1password.com/getting-started-browser/
    3. Log into your 1Password account when it asks you to activate it.
    4. Test and see if things work better there.

    Keep in mind that eventually, if you plan to stick to Safari, you will need to install "1Password for Safari" from the Mac App Store when 1Password 8 launches, so you might as well have it now. Safari does not allow installing extensions from external sources as you probably know, so this is the next best thing :)

    I do understand if you prefer to let things go at the moment, but if you'd like to go for it I'd be more than happy to keep troubleshooting this with you.

  • Thanks for the info - I'll think about it :).

    BTW I hope 1Password8 won't mean the desktop app is going away. I use it all the time, and actually vastly more than I use the extension, which I only use to automate logins. 1Password is for me a general purpose secure vault for all kinds of information.

  • Oh never mind - there are tons of discussions about this and the desktop app clearly isn't going away.

    I think I've always had a subscription.

    So for me, it seems all good, except that apparently this will require use of the Mac app store, which I avoid when possible. I have just 1 app that requires it, and I install/update everything else from vendor web sites.

    I always dismiss notifications from 1Password application to update until I'm ready, and then in a deliberate way use the desktop app's Check for Updates when I decide it's time. (I do the same thing with all of my other apps.) Relying on App Store notifications will be very depressing. Apple makes it so that it takes effort to dismiss its nags, and as of Big Sur the only way to dismiss a nag is with the "hidden" clear button (it only appears when you float over it) at the top right of a notification. There's no longer any way to delay acting upon an update notice. It's infernal! Perhaps it's even harder to avoid updates with Monterey.

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    I can definitely understand your thoughts and feelings on the Mac App Store here.
    No worries, 1Password 8 can be installed from our website and you can disable automatic updates if you'd like (just as you have with 1Password 7) :)

  • Excellent!

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