Master password revealed ?


Currently trailing 1password and a little concerned to see that i can "Reveal" my master password. This implies to me its stored somewhere, either on the 1password infrastructure, or in memory somewhere.

Can anyone shed some light on this ?

  • Logged into my vault, clicked on "Show Web Form Details" then you can REVEAL the master password to show on screen


  • ag_yaronag_yaron

    Team Member

    Hey @ninorav628 ,

    When you sign up for a 1Password account, a login item with your 1Password account's details is automatically created for you so that you may easily log into your account the next time you visit our website. You can delete this login entry if you don't want it documented in your database, but it is quite helpful to have.

    Every login item for any website you have now or will add in the future will have a masked password field that you can reveal at any point and see the password underneath it. We do not hide or block users data from our users - that is your info and you should have access to it whenever you'd like.

    To protect your data, keep your 1Password app locked when you're not using it. When 1Password is locked, no one can see anything in 1Password. It is encrypted with your Master Password and no information is visible on the screen nor on the computer's memory or infrastructure. Only when 1Password is unlocked is the information accessible/visible, so make sure to lock it when you're not around or when you don't need 1Password at that very moment.

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