1Password Mini won't popup in the middle of the screen

When I use the shortcut Command + Option + \ to launch 1Password Mini, the window appears in the top left of my screen. I then drag it to the centre when I like it. But the next time I launch 1P Mini it reappears in the top left again.

How do I make it stick to the middle of the screen?

1Password Version: 7.9.1
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: 12.0.1


  • ag_anaag_ana

    Team Member

    Hi @paulminors!

    1Password mini should stick automatically, so there isn't anything specific you can do to make it do so. Can you please try quitting 1Password completely (right-click on 1Password mini in the menu bar at the top right of your screen > Quit 1Password Completely), and then relaunch 1Password? Does 1Password mini remember its position now?

  • Thanks for the response. I've tried that and also tried completely reinstalling the app but no luck.

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