1Password search in Android is missing a lot of feature. No consistency with 1Password Windows

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The 1Password search feature in Android is not working like the one in Windows !
That's annoying because you can not apply the habits you have in one platform to the other.

In 1Password Windows, the search is also looking inside custom fields and notes.
But in 1Password Android, the search is NOT looking inside custom fields and notes ! That's annoying, am I missing something?

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  • ChriisChriis
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    I have the latest version of 1Password Android (7.9) and the latest version of 1Password Windows (8)

  • Hello @Chriis thanks for reaching out to us.

    You are correct. Currently, you can search for items in 1Password for Android by their title. With Secure Note items you can also search by the first word in the note.

    Providing a similar 1Password experience across all platforms is something we're very interested in. Expanding the search option on Android would be a part of that. I've gone ahead and shared your interest in this with our developers.

  • EMILjoEMILjo
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    @ag_timothy a few months later, the option @Chriis wrote about still doesn't work on Android. So when will the promised Providing a similar 1Password experience across all platforms come?

  • ag_timothyag_timothy

    Team Member

    Hey @EMILjo, thanks for your interest in 1Password 8 for Android! We tend to keep things pretty close to the chest, so I don't have a date range to share with you. Keeping an eye out here in the forum, as well as on our blog is a great way to find out when the early access and general access become available:

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