Inital scim bridge setup


I would like to setup a scim bridge with azure ad and a custom server with docker compose.

I read the and made it in the installation guide
to the automatic instruction.

There it directs to a docker link which is depricated.

So is the docker-machine command, which u are supposed to use in eval %{docker-machine env $machine_name}.

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  • Chas_1PChas_1P

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    edited December 2021

    Hi @NewCom23

    Thanks for reaching out. We have a ticket to update our instructions to use a supported tool and appreciate you taking the time to document this and help us prioritize it.

    We are investigating a few different options, but in the meantime, GitLab's maintained fork is a good alternative that will allow you to continue using the tools we reference in our documentation. This can be found here - Again, moving to a supported tool is the direction we're going with Docker, but this can get you up and running if you prefer this to our other deployment methods we have available, such as with Azure's Kubernetes Service (


  • NewCom23NewCom23
    edited December 2021

    Hello @Chas_1P,
    I would like to take also a look at the Azure Kubernetes Deployment, if it is a easier or better supported deployment method. But this is also a dead link (well.... after I copied your link, it is working... :chuffed: )

    Edit: After I took a look at the azure kubernetes instructions also with docker, I would still like to use our own server to support a local german hosting company.

  • Chas_1PChas_1P

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    Hi @NewCom23 ,

    You can definitely still use your own server with docker. For production use I would recommend Docker Swarm. You can find the instructions for this here -

  • Hi @Chas_1P,
    I'll try that, thanks. I also got a contact to a technician for setup from your e-mail support.

  • For docker swarm Docker says I need three machines.... Is that necessary?!
    Set up
    To run this tutorial, you need the following:

    three Linux hosts which can communicate over a network, with Docker installed
    the IP address of the manager machine
    open ports between the hosts

  • Now I used Digital Ocean to setup the bridge. That seems to work without issues.

  • Hi @NewCom23. Glad to hear it's working without issues for you on Digital Ocean. Please don't hesitate to reach out again if there's something else we can help with.

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