Help migrating iCloud and Dropbox vaults to new family account

Backed myself into a corner needing to migrate to a Family account when I have no time to figure out details on migration, so I'd really appreciate simple step by step help!

I have been using Dropbox 6 standalone for Mac on my Mac with iCloud and Dropbox Vaults. This is synced with iPhones, iPads, and another Mac.

We have other family members syncing their standalone licenses between Win and iOS, or Mac and iOS, using dropbox.

I don't have the time to piece together the correct way to do the migration, so I hope for advice. I got stuck today because I saw some instruction on the site that I could update from Dropbox 6 to to Dropbox 7 on my Mac and buy a new standalone license for that machine through the App. Those instructions turned out to be "no longer operative at this time." Now my Primary Vault on my Mac has been converted to a Dropbox 7 format, but in a program that has essentially no functionality until I sign up for a account.

Now I just need to forge ahead and migrate all of this to the new Family account I wanted to wait on until I could understand the right way to proceed. Once burned twice shy.

My Mac at this moment is running a read-only Version 7 with only my iCloud Synced Primary vault. (Didn't have the bandwidth for this today because I am in the middle of a nuke and pave update after some hardware failure, so my other dropbox vaults are not in there yet, and the gimped Ver 7 cannot add a vault.) Do I need to get my other standalone-synced vaults from Dropbox in here somehow before I create the family account and convert things? Or can I add them later, when I put in Family account credentials, so tat add a vault has meaning? Or will add a Dropbox vault after the fact never be allowed?

When I invite other family members, all of whom are already using Dropbox 6 on Mac or Dropbox 4 on Windows, what is the procedure for them to move their existing vaults to the new family vault?

Procedural question: How does account naming work with Vault naming within the new Family account? What's best practice for the name I use on the Family account? Is it my name? Or a Family name? Will it be confusing with the name of my vault?

Thanks in advance for kindly handholding!

1Password Version: 7.9.2
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: MacOS 10.13.6


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