How to get a 2 sided document to upload as one file

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I am sure I am missing some obvious options i.e. for example it would be optimal for say a two sided health card to get both sides as ONE file to be uploaded to the DOCUMENTS section. How do others do this?

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  • Hi @jmjm:

    I've just checked, and uploading multiple files into a single document is not something that 1Password for Android is currently capable of. However if both front and back of your document were in a single PDF for example, you could then attach that file to your item.

    While I can't provide support, or recommend it officially, I've personally used Microsoft Lens by Microsoft in the past to scan multiple pages or sides into a single PDF file, which you would then be able to attach to your item in 1Password for Android.

    Additionally, I've added your input about uploading multiple files into a single attachment as a feature request, to see if it's something that can be added in the future!


    ref: dev/projects/customer-feature-requests#1110

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    Thanks for your reply @jack.platten. I will check out MS Lens.

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    :+1: :)

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