I read the "Need local vault on ChromeOS" but it didn't seem to answer the question.

I don't see a Chromebook category so I thought Android was the closest match. I do not want to store my passwords in the cloud. Can I have a local vault on a Chromebook? If so, is there a link to the procedures?

When I created a vault using the Android app on my Chromebook it defaulted to the cloud - I don't think I got an option to change that. Also, it will not let me create another vault from the Android app, though it seems I could from the browser (i.e. from the cloud).

1Password Version: 7.9.1
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: ChromeOS
Referrer: forum-search:local vault for chromeos


  • There really is not going to be such a thing as "local vaults" in 1Password anymore. The data is cached for offline access, but vaults will be synced with 1Password.com when you are online. One of the 1Password founders addressed this in a post.

  • ag_preetag_preet

    Team Member

    Hi @Phil1Pass,

    In addition to what @soshiito said, our user's security is of upmost importance. If you're worried about how secure your information is when stored on our servers, check out our Security Model.

  • Thank you both - that definitely answered the question. FWIW, I will come up with another solution for a local vault. I currently use another password manager with local capability on Linux computer, which I leave powered off except for the 2 hours per month that I need it. I was hoping to switch to a Chromebook, but that is proving to be a challenge.

  • Hello @Phil1Pass thanks for following up with us.

    I'm glad soshiito and ag_preet were able to answer your question. Let us know if there's anything else we can help with!

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