1Password 8 for Mac, A Bunch of Questions... [1Password for Safari]

Hi All!

Apologies or putting this post here but I did not see a separate category for 1Password 8 for Mac so here it is.

I am a long time 1Password user on multiple platforms but want to better understand a few things about 1Password 8 for Mac:

  1. After installing 1Password 8 I went through the settings and was asked to "Get 1Password for Browser" which then sent me to the App Store and had me download an 1Password for Safari. As this is the first time that I have ever a) been directed to separate site and b) had to elect to download a separate file is this normal (i.e. Windows 11 install using Edge did not direct me to another site)?

  2. After installing 1Password 8 and 1Password for Safari are the "desktop app" and the "browser extension" linked as in the past: that is will unlocking 1Password 8 unlock 1Password for Safari?

  3. The first time I used 1Password for Safari I received the below pop-up Window. I am not sure what it means and would appreciate someone explaining it to me. Also what is the consequences of the various responses, including the Deny response.

I would appreciate responses t the above.


1Password Version: 8.5.0
Extension Version: 2.1.4
OS Version: macOS 12.1


  • And while I am asking, can someone please explain why the URLs in the below image cannot be removed.


  • jack.plattenjack.platten

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    edited December 2021

    Hi @Joelc:

    Thanks for asking, great questions!

    1. 1Password for Safari is using the new Safari Web Extension system, moving from the current App Extension system. This change allows us to bring all the improvements we've made with 1Password in the browser for other browsers to Safari. To allow 1Password for Safari to communicate with both 1Password 8 downloaded from our website, as well as 1Password 8 downloaded from the App Store in the future, it's necessary to be a separate application downloaded from the App Store.
    2. Indeed yes, that's correct. 1Password 8 and 1Password for Safari will share a lock state, and 1Password for Safari can be unlocked using Touch ID or an Apple Watch.
    3. This dialog is asking for permissions to be able to fill your information. Without granting permissions to all sites, 1Password for Safari cannot detect or fill any information.

    As for the URLs you're referring to in your second post: we have various different sites for development and testing purposes.


    edit: I've clarified my response to question 1.

  • @jack.platten , I thank you for your response, they are very helpful.

    One follow up, while I understand that you have different sites for development, testing and sales (I want to some of those sites and they are sales focused) why do I need them "stuck on my laptop" why can I not delete them like all other websites.


    PS. I think that the message / pop-ip window could be written more clearly. That said, great product, love it!

  • Hi @Joelc:

    These URLs are included because of how extensions work with our service, and they are not handled similarly to other websites where you control where the extension can operate on. Because those URLs are defined in our extension manifest, they can't be removed.

    As for the dialog window you’re referring to, this dialog window is provided by Safari and will be used for any using Safari’s Web Extension APIs. We can always file radars with ideas though!


  • @jack.platten Thank you, very mucj appreciated!

  • @jack.platten Apologies but I have one more for you related to my initial positing.

    It appears to me after a little testing that:

    1. If I log into ** Safari** FOR THE FIRST TIME AFTER clearing the history I get an e-mail informing me that I have logged into Safari.

    2. If I long into Safari WITHOUT clearing the history then I DO NOT get an e-mail informing me that I have logged into Safari.

    3. Is the behaviour above part of the new Safari Extension handling as this behaviour seems to be limited to Safari: specifically, when I tried the same testing with Microsoft Edge in Windows 11 I DO NOT get any e-mail messages.

    Please correct or confirm my understanding.


  • @jack.platten Ooops, I forgot one thing in my above post. Is the response to the above dependent on the version of macOS; for example, it works as above in Monterey but works differently in Catalina? Thx!

  • Hi @Joelc:

    This is because Safari deletes more than just history (as in just the list of pages you've visited) when you select that option, whereas Edge just deletes the list of pages you've visited.

    1Password in Safari saves its login state in this deleted data, so the next launch it starts over and triggers a new sign in email.


  • @jack.platten , appreciate the response but just to be clear you are saying that my analysis or understanding is correct regardless of macOS version when running 1Password 8?


  • Hi @Joelc:

    The short version is yes. Safari clearing this additional storage when clearing history is not new, it's just that 1Password for Safari is the first time we're taking advantage of this storage with our extension.


  • @jack.platten , thank you!

  • ag_anaag_ana 1Password Alumni

    On behalf of Jack, you are very welcome :)

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