Firefox extension not letting me use all accounts

I have two 1Password accounts. I just installed the latest 1Password 8 Beta this morning. I added the beta extension to Firefox. I logged it into my personal account, and that part is working fine. When I open the extension and click the gear wheel, go to Settings, and then try to add another account, I can't seem to find the right process to get the extension to detect my other 1Password account. Both accounts are loaded into 1Password 8 and work fine, it's just that the extension does not pick up both accounts. Is this just a beta bug, or is there a special process for having the extension pick up both accounts?

1Password Version: 8.5.0
Extension Version: 2.2.0
OS Version: macOS 12.1


  • ag_chantelleag_chantelle

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    Can you try the following steps and let me know if it improves your state of play?

    1. Right-click on the 1Password icon on your Firefox toolbar > Remove Extension.
    2. Open and unlock 1Password 8 and make sure both your accounts are also unlocked.
    3. Install a fresh copy of 1Password beta for Firefox from here.
    4. Give 1Password a moment to locate and add our accounts.
    5. Once it indicates that 1Password is ready to go, right click the 1Password icon in your browser toolbar and confirm that both accounts are there and unlocked.
  • I just went through this process, and I am seeing the same result. 1Password 8 definitely shows both of my accounts, and they are both unlocked. Then after installing the Firefox beta extension, it still only shows my personal account within the extension.

  • jack.plattenjack.platten

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    Hey @paulbrown:

    Thanks for your update. As a test, if you disable "Integrate with 1Password desktop app" in 1Password in Firefox settings (Right click 1Password icon in your Firefox toolbar > Settings > General), are you able to successfully add your work account to 1Password in Firefox? If you're able to successfully add your second account, enable "Integrate with 1Password desktop app" again and see if everything works as expected. Let us know how you get on with that!


  • This seems to have done the trick. Thanks!

  • jack.plattenjack.platten

    Team Member

    Glad to hear that sorted it out for you @paulbrown. :smile: Be sure to get in touch if you need anything in the future!

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