Save login is not presented on Android's 10 Chrome

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I followed instructions to set up 1p on Android, namely enabling 1p autofill and accessibility in settings.
Then I proceeded to Chrome to save first logins on some websites.

1. Upon tapping username or password field, a dialog offering to save a login should be displayed
2. If nr. 1 not used, upon filling out and sending a login form a dialog offering to save a login should be displayed

1. Displayed only maybe in 1 of 10 cases
2. Same as nr. 1

Chrome 96.0.4664 . 104

1Password Version: 7.9.1
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Android 10; Mi A2 Build/QKQ1 . 190910.002


  • Hello @daelmaak thanks for reaching out to us!

    Could you let us know a few of the websites where 1Password is not offering to save a new login? I'd be happy to do some testing myself so we can look into this further.

  • daelmaak
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    Hello @ag_timothy, thanks for having a look at my issue.

    One page where 1p didn't work is

  • Hello @daelmaak thanks for letting us know about that.

    I did some testing in Chrome with the Seznam website and I was able to consistently fill my test credentials. You can reset your Autofill settings by turning Autofill and Accessibility off and then on again. Do you see any change in behavior?

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