A larger display of the choice of tags???

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I have created +/- 15 tags.
When I have to assign a tag to a new identifier, the window that opens (to choose an existing tag) is ridiculously small = > is a dynamic resize possible?
thank you in advance for your answer

1Password Version: 8.41
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Windows 10


  • Powerless
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    edited December 2021

    Yes I've noticed this. The list is too small and if you click the scrollbar the tag list disappears. Also the tags are not displayed in order.

  • DeciusMus
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    it's little adaptations like this that make a tool more user-friendly :-)
    I think that for the order, the ranking is done on the most used tags.
    It's a choice & I understand but it's clear that the human brain tends to sort on what it knows best: our alphabet

  • Hi @DeciusMus and @Powerless :

    If you start typing a tag name, the dropdown will filter to match that what you've started typing. Let me know if that doesn't fit your needs and I can dig in further with you!


  • DeciusMus
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    thanks for your answer
    what I'm complaining about is the fact that the display field should be much bigger so that we can read the whole category name but also that we can see the name of all the categories
    = > if you have a larger number of categories, the display should be bigger to allow a complete display cqfd. :-)

  • Jack.P_1P
    edited January 2022

    Hey @DeciusMus:

    I've just done some more checking, and on the nightly build, while the tag list doesn't expand downwards, it does indeed expand sideways to account for longer tag names:

    Additionally I've noted your feedback about showing more tags when editing. While I can't promise if or when this change will make it into 1Password, our developers regularly go over feedback like yours to see if it would make sense to add to 1Password and make 1Password 8 the best yet! :smile:


    ref: dev/projects/customer-feature-requests#1187

  • DeciusMus
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    Hey @jack.platten

    I think (and am I the only one?) that if it could be done downwards too (via an automatic resize), it would be much more user-friendly too

    ....Anyway, thanks for the follow up.

  • We appreciate the suggestion, @DeciusMus. We'll make a note of this in our discussion of the issue. Thanks kindly for your feedback! 😀

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