with Families plan problems

I have successfully started using integrations for myself -- have been creating cards via 1password on merchant sites.

My account is tied to my credit union. All here is working as it should.

As we have a Families plan with 1Password, I now want to set up my wife's computer to use the features -- to create cards on-the-fly with the integration that I have set up. My wife's 1password browser extension (Chrome) is not presenting the "Create Privacy Card" option that I see.

Please tell me that the Privacy Card integration works with Families. And help me get it configured as such.


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  • I am using Families and it works for me. Does your wife have her own account? If so, has she tied it to 1Password? I think that has to be configured before 1password will present the create privacy card. Do you and your wife have the same Chrome plugin?

  • Thanks @ajahn No, we only have one account... tied to our joint checking account, tied to our joint 1password account.

    This privacy card integration is a great, highly usable feature, but I think having the ability to use it with a "single pipeline" flow like above would make it more awesomer.

    I'll try it with a new account, but my pessimism tells me that will tell me "that credit union account is already tied to a account" ... i'll report back on that one. ;)

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    I see you also sent us an email message. Let's continue the discussion there. One of my colleagues will be with you as soon as possible.

  • For any interested parties, I made progress with and 1Password integration with multiple members of a Family Plan. I got confirmation from 1Password that the integration is separated per user, even within a Family plan. So each 1Password user who also wants to use cards must have their own account.

    After my wife set up her account, she got an error when trying to add our same credit union account that I already have (my pessimism was right! ;) ) HOWEVER, I contacted support, and they acknowledged the error but provided support for each of my wife and myself to authenticate in a manual way, so it IS POSSIBLE to set up two accounts funded by the same bank/credit union account. If anyone wants to follow this path, contact support.

    I must say that I am VERY happy with the support responsiveness of both 1Password (thank you @ag_tommy & @kester.davies !) and

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    Glad to hear they were able to get you and your wife sorted out @btmurrell, and on behalf of Tommy and Kester, you're very welcome! :smile:

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