Instant account freeze after family account was unlinked from company account

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Ladies and gentlemen,

I subscribed for "1Password Families" and payed at 03/19/2021 in advance for 12 months. Some time later I linked my account to the company account of my employer, because this was promoted as free offer. At 31st of December I left the company and the next day my account got frozen by 1Password because my "1Password Families trial has ended" (1st bad surprise). BTW: There is still an invoice as evidence for being eligible to use 1Password Families at least until 03/18/2022 available in my account profile, but I am now prompted to make an other subscription once I log on to my family account and should state explicitly some payment credentials. 1Password already got my payment credentials! I sent a complaint to 1Password support and according to the bot mail response, there is no 24/7 support available (2nd bad surprise).

My question to the 1Password company:

Obviously my private subscription has not expired yet. Please explain me what went wrong and what you will do in order to mitigate such kind of customer annoyance.

My suggestions:

1) Reset the 'account trial expired' flag, once an already existing account subscription is linked to a company account
2) Suspend or reimburse the proportional value of abiding subscription payments once an existing account is linked to a company account.
3) Resume abiding or suspended subscriptions once a private account is unlinked from a company account.
4) Would it be possible to run your account freeze jobs not during or one day up front of weekends and public holidays?

There went something wrong in your customer data processing. It's outcome is double customer annoyance once nobody is available short term to fix such adversities.

Best whishes for 2022 anyway


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