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I am evaluating 1PW both for business and family use. While I like how 1PW automates the creation of the emergency kit, knowing certain non-tech family member's propensity for losing certain things, it also concerns me a little. If I understand this correctly, if I was incapacitated, and a family member lost their secret key, they could potentially be completely locked out of 1PW even if they remembered their PW. Is that correct?

Yes I know it can be printed and put in a safe place, backed up to the cloud etc. And I know the secret key is not always required. I also read the documentation that it can be stored with Apple keychain. But this is still a detail I want to make sure I understand.


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  • Hi @PasswordSchmassword:

    Glad to hear you're thinking about 1Password!

    Broadly speaking, yes, that's accurate, with significant amounts of nuance behind it. After installing the 1Password app on a device, adding a 1Password account to the app requires the email address, the account password, and the Secret Key (as well as authenticating with two-factor authentication if enabled for that account). After a 1Password account has been added to the device, however, the only thing required to unlock the 1Password account is the account password. When creating a 1Password account, a few items are created and tagged with Starter Kit, one of which is all of the information needed to log into your 1Password account again, including your Secret Key and account password:

    So in the situation where you were incapacitated, as long as this family member had installed the 1Password app on one of their devices, and had added their 1Password account as well as knew their account password, they would still be able to access 1Password. Additionally, making them a family organizer as well when making the account would allow for them to have the ability to recover your account, in case there were items in your Private vault that they needed during your incapacitation.

    Let me know if that clears up your questions!


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