hello guys, here again, I need to be sure of all this to buy 1 whole year.

Configure my profile at so that after 1 minute it automatically blocks (regardless of whether I am using the pc or not, if I am not using 1pass it is blocked). Very nice

Now, I cannot achieve the same in the desktop APP and in the extension. Which does not make any sense, since I could be using my pc non-stop for 1 second, and at the same time for hours not using 1pass. There is no way to automatically lock after "x" time without PROGRAM use?

Unfortunately if this is not possible I will have to go for another company, and I would not like xD. Thanks

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  • BenBen AWS Team

    Team Member

    Hi @qzn25

    At present this is not possible I'm afraid. The 1Password desktop apps lock based on sleep, screensaver, switching users, or computer idle time, not the idle time of the app. You can of course lock the app any time you'd like either with the menu option or a keyboard shortcut. I'm not aware of any plans to change this, but I'll be happy to share with the team that this is something you'd like to see from us.


  • ok ben, if you can share I thank you. To be honest, I'm not going to buy 1pass if you don't have an option as basic as this :( a little sad for me, but I'm offering it as feedback for improvement.

    I do not see any sense in which at least I can not decide that it is so. The reason? I can be using my pc for 5 hours, and never use 1pass ... therefore it does not make sense that my information is visible.

    They told me that it was to protect me if I leave the pc, which you will understand that in 2021 it does not make sense, but if it does, defend yourself digitally / online. Thanks

  • BenBen AWS Team

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    The best I could suggest at the moment would be to lock 1Password when you're done using it if you prefer it be locked while you're sitting at your computer. Personally I prefer it generally be unlocked while I'm using, and not having to unlock every time I want to log in to something, but I understand there are a variety of opinions out there. I've shared your request with our design team. Perhaps this is something we'll be able to offer in the future, and if so I hope you'll reconsider. In the meantime I hope you're able to find a password management solution that you're comfortable with and confident in. :)


  • qzn25qzn25
    edited January 7

    ok ben I thank you for this management, I really think it is an improvement (minimal) but at least it makes a difference to me. I mean it with good intentions

    And even more important (that I don't understand), is that on the my.1password page if they have the option !! I can choose to crash after 1 minute no matter what happens on my PC. That is why I understand that it does not cost anything to do it.

    • My ideal would be something that I use in keepass and bitwarden, that automatically after closing the app / extension, crashes.

    • And I wanted to leave another suggestion, to be able to change the erase time of the clipboard, we do not need for ANYTHING that this 90 seconds exposed there ... to be able to change it to 10 / 20sec would be ideal, for security.

    Thanks for your time ♥

  • BenBen AWS Team

    Team Member

    You're very welcome. I always happy to engage about how we could improve. I can't promise any specific changes — those aren't decisions I get to make, but I'm happy to be receptive and share the input we get with the appropriate decision makers. Thanks for taking the time to share these ideas.


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