Adding family - does this mean an ADDITIONAL master password?

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Hi, I just opened a new account. Want to share with my husband. So, I "invite" him, and he receives his own Secret Key and must create his own account password. Is his account password equivalent to my master password? If so, can we share it?

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  • PasswordSchmassword
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    Is his account password equivalent to my master password?

    No. His password is his only, and your password is yours only. It's not recommended, but of course you can choose to use the same password if you want...

  • Thanks for chiming in @PasswordSchmassword.

    @AmyBee what PasswordSchmassword said is correct. Each person has their own unique Secret Key and account password.


  • ajahn
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    @AmyBee you can each select the same master password if you like, but it is better for each family member to pick their own (personal) master password. Are you thinking that using the same master password would allow each of you to log in to each other's 1password account?

    Here's what our family did. We have 4 family members (me, my wife, and 2 college-age kids). Each one created their own master password. Since we all trust each other, I asked everyone to give me their passwords and I stored them in 1password (my private vault). Since I share most passwords in 1password with my wife, I created a "Parents" vault and only shared that with my wife. This is where we put most of our passwords and stuff. If we need to share with everyone, including the kids, we put them in the standard "Shared" vault. I only use my "private" vault for things that only I need. My wife uses her private vault for her personal stuff. I think that 1Passowrd Family has a lot of great features. Hope this helps.

  • Thanks for your additional input @ajahn, especially using multiple shared vaults for your different subsets of sharing! :smile:

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