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I've meantioned this before in a thread but I'm hoping I can bring more attention to this.

Currently Activity Log is lacking details of activity. For example, when a user creates/updates an item it show the date, user, ip, but doesn't show what item been changed. So the activity log is in my optioning worthless.

The activity column shows for example:
Firstname Lastname updated items in a vault

I want to be able to see what item has been changed. Using the CLI I am able to get more information from the activity log that shows an objectUuid. Would that be the item? And if so how to get that via the CLI?

This should be made visible at least in Activity Log in the webpage. Also the app should show who has created or changed an item.

Next to that Activity Log should show who accessed/used the item so we can see which user has used the credentials.

With a large team this become more and more important.

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  • ag_maxag_max

    Team Member

    Hi @martinvandiemen,

    The Activity Log available with 1Password Business primarily exists for tracking vault-level and higher activities in your 1Password account. For example, this covers actions like vaults being created and renamed, people being added to or removed from the account, etc. To track specific item-level usage within a vault, usage reports will be more helpful:

    Item usage is reported any time a user:

    • Copies, fills, or reveals a password
    • Exports, prints, or shares an item
    • Edits an item
    • Downloads a Document item
    • Views an item on
    • Accesses an item using the command-line tool

    Upon creating a usage report you can click on any of the listed items to learn more about them, as well as view the Item History section of each item to see who made recent changes. More on that here.

    That said, we have previously received feedback asking us to increase the details shown in the Activity Log, so I'll go ahead and file this in our internal system for tracking purposes.

    ref: internal/business-roadmap#117

    Using the CLI I am able to get more information from the activity log that shows an objectUuid. Would that be the item? And if so how to get that via the CLI?

    For these questions concerning the 1Password command-line tool, I want to involve our integrations specialists, who won't return until Monday. I'll update you via this thread when I hear back from them. :+1:

  • @ag_max thank you for your explanation on how I should use repoting to get more details. But still the Usage Report is very limited. It would be good to see the reason why the item was used (copied, revealed, export, etc.).

    Maybe combining the two and showing more details would really help.

    Thanks for adding this to the roadmap.

  • BenBen AWS Team

    Team Member

    Thanks again for the feedback on this. I'll follow up with Max and see if anything further has been discovered about the UUID returned by the CLI.


  • ag_maxag_max

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    Just heard back from our integrations team, @martinvandiemen.

    They confirmed that using the op list events command doesn't provide any additional information when compared to the Activity Log on Additionally, the objectUuid returned is the vault UUID the event took place in, not the item that was edited/deleted.

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