Browser Interface vs Windows Interface

I prefer the Windows UI 10x over the Browser UI because of the simple difference of showing all the vaults in the sidebar, it makes for an infinitely better user experience. Is there a reason that has not been done in the browser, and might it be done in the future?

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  • ag_chantelleag_chantelle

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    Thanks for sharing your feedback! Can you tell me what version of 1Password for Windows you're using? I'm also curious about your use case. Can you tell me how the vault view would change your experience in the browser?

  • Hi ag-chantelle. Nice of you to ask! First off I am a huge fan of good UX and want to compliment you - I think both the browser and windows UI are probably the best I have seen of any password manager. One incredibly nice little touch is how 1PW automatically assigns a different color and icon to every vault. It makes programs so much more visually pleasing to work in when they are not just a huge monolithic list of same colored folders. Many programs allow users to color folders and customize icons, but most users don't bother. Doing it for them automatically (which still allowing the user to) is very cool.

    Also, the way the search bar find both vaults and individual passwords is very cool.

    Re: how the vault view in the browser would change things, we manage a lot of passwords for our clients related to work we do for them, and we require one vault per client. So we end up with a lot of vaults. Having instant access to them in the sidebar is very nice. It's also just a personal preference. For me a great left-side navigation bar that allows you to get anywhere quickly allows me to work faster and feel "anchored" by always being able to see in the sidebar where I am.

    I am on the beta.

  • jack.plattenjack.platten

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    Hey @PasswordSchmassword:

    Just to get a sense of your use case, would your ideal way of using 1Password in your browser be as a jumping off point to work with a specific client's accounts, rather than being available for whenever you need to use any of your client accounts?


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