2 different version of 1PW for Family?

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I have a family membership, can I update to 1PW8 and leave the other family member on 1PW7 or do we both have to use the same version in family Membership?

1Password Version: 1PW7
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Mac OS 11.6.2
Referrer: forum-search:New to Family Membership, can I use 1 PW8 and leave other family member on 1PW7 or do we both have to have the same 1PW version?


  • ajahn
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    I would expect, since we're talking about a "client", you should be able to do this. I was using version 6 on my mac and 7 on my iPhone, Currently, I am using 7 on all our MacBooks, and 8 on my Windows PC.

  • tuni12
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    Thanks - I haven't installed 8 yet - awaiting notification from 1PW....owever DH won't be able to use it on his old OS so he will remain on 1PW7. Appreciate the response. thx

  • Hey @tuni12:

    Indeed, that's right. :smile: Thanks to @ajahn for the assist!


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