Am I using 1pw mini app correctly?

I've been using 1PW since on W10 some years now. I don't use the browser extension, bc I don't trust it and think it is gimmicky and unnecessary. Insted i load the locally installed app from the taskbar. Per default, this brings me to the Mini app, which I think is no good.

I might be usig it wrong, but the following "use case" explains what's annoying with it for me:

Go to web site of interest that happens to require login with user name and pwd.
start 1pw from task bar
fill search field in 1pw mini app to bring up relevant item (i.e. the "item" in 1pw holding the relevant pw, user name etc.)
copy user name to fill field on the web site in question
..copy pw to .... no wait... that doesn't work..!!
Instead, search again!!! in mini app to again! bring up the relevant item in 1PW mini app
THEN copy pw to fill field on the web site in question...
A simple solution would be to always have the latest searched/selected item at the top when opening mini app, but that's not how it works. Instead, EVERY time i go to the app, i have to find the item that is in question for each, instance again and again, for as many times as i need it, even if it is for the same "item" (such as a specific web site).

This is not the case with the "full" app, but this doesn't come as default. If I want to use that, which I do bc of the above issue, I have to specifically select the non-default choice of using the "full" app instad of mini.

--> Please arrange so that the most recenty used 1pw "item" is at the top when I go to the mini app.
--> AND/OR allow user to set "full" app as default for what comes up when starting 1pw from taskbar.


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  • jack.plattenjack.platten

    Team Member

    Hi @SamuraiJack_PK:

    Would you mind elaborating a bit on why you don't trust the browser extension? One concern that using 1Password in the browser actually avoids is being tricked into providing your credentials into the wrong site. For example, if you have a login for, 1Password in the browser would not offer to fill into a site using lookalike characters.

    With that in mind however, if you'd prefer to not use any 1Password browser extensions, Quick Access with 1Password 8 might fit your use case a bit better: Get to know Quick Access

    When using Quick Access, after copying the username, re-invoking Quick Access will keep the item you have just copied from selected, allowing you to quickly copy and paste both your username and password into the site.


  • Hi Jack,

    Thanks for response. Won't elaborate on the browser extension, if you don't mind. Just not a fit for me.

    Follow-up question:

    • Why doesn't my desktop isntallation update to version 8?

    I currently have 7.9.828.


  • jack.plattenjack.platten

    Team Member

    Hey @SamuraiJack_PK:

    No problem! As it currently stands, upgrading to 1Password 8 is a manual choice, and not something the in-app updater does. Thanks for your feedback here, and let me know how you like 1Password 8!


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