Is there a recommended way I can encrypt the secret key so I can just write them on paper?

I am not comfortable printing my emergency kit in plain text and put inside a safe. Is there a recommended way I can encrypt the secret key using a phrase, and when I need it, I can decrypt it without a computer?

Some cipher should do the trick, right? Is there any recommendation? I looked into a few like Caesar cipher and similar ones, but they do not work well with numbers.

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  • @gasses_bird Your secret key is designed to protect your data on 1Password's servers. It's your account password that keeps your data safe on your devices.

    All your devices have an unencrypted slightly obfuscated copy of the secret key because it is required to login to your account. It is the physical distance between the 1Password servers and your devices which makes it a very powerful security measure. Printing it out on paper and putting in a safe makes it even more secure.

    Further encrypting the secret key would increase the risk of lock-out. So, if you're concerned about a local attacker, make sure you have a strong account password and take a look at your device security.

  • I also don’t want to make my email and url in plain text

  • The goal for the emergency kit is to prevent you from locking yourself out.
    You are not forced to print it but you might need it...
    Think about a scenario where you might really need it, maybe years ahead.
    Encrypting it (even with the ability to decrypt it without a computer) might lock you out...
    Really think carefully about this.

    What I can suggest to circumvent (while keeping it easy to recover):
    Obfuscate the elements you might need and store them in different places (a little hidden somewhere maybe).
    You main email might not be useful to store as you, your friends and family know it... so don't keep it along with other elements
    Maybe the same with the URL
    You might be interested in generating a small QR code of some elements (one for each or 2) even with you own formula.
    If you combine all this, I am pretty sure you will find something suitable.
    Do not forget to document what you have done (in 1Password at least for you) and if you trust some persons, you can explain them what you did (or split the infos between 2 or more persons).

    Don't forget one day - we never know - you might be in a position where you need to delegate some things (or people need to take care of you)... and it might be useful to have a simple way to recover access to your secrets...

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    Thanks for your input @OlivierP! :smile:

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