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I am a long time user of 1Password and a fan of the app. I've had a stand alone license for a long time and synced through dropbox. I am a basic user of the program -- I make up my own passwords and enter them manually. It works for me and my husband who's less computer literate than I am.

I’m running my MacBook Pro on Catelina and planning to upgrade to Big Sur. My biggest compatibility issue is 1Password, so I thought I’d do that first, and do the upgrade to Big Sur after I got my taxes done. I finally said ‘uncle” and signed up for a subscription and an account (I am currently in my 14 day trial period), downloaded the app and the emergency kit and thought I was doing great. However I couldn’t scan the account details in nor input them in manually. When I opened the vault on my MBP the primary vault was on dropbox, but all my data was there. It seemed like it just overwrote my stand alone licensed version 6. All my IOS devices were updated to 1PW 7 and syncing through dropbox, and work as they always did. But my MBP says I have "read only" access and I couldn't sign into my 1PW account through the app because it keeps asking for my account details which I've entered a dozen times and keep getting an answer Invalid submission. I am using the Emergency Kit info for the data to enter -- my secret key has been properly entered and as is my Master Password.

I consider my MBP my primary hub for things like this and when I fiddled around with 1PW some I realized that I had a vault on the 1PW account which had 0 items. So, I needed to migrate my passwords from the vault on my MBP to the one on my 1PW account. I think it’s because I couldn’t load my account details I can’t execute the migration. Confusion reigns.

I reached out to their support which I’m seriously disappointed in at the moment. They certainly are trying, but only provide on-line support via email. No phone support option at all. I’ve been back and forth with two different support folks who’ve tried to help, but it’s a couple of days between email contacts. That's frustrating because I try to set aside some time to do this, run into trouble and then wait two or three days for an answer from support, try to follow their advice, run into trouble, and send another email, etc -- a vicious cycle

Right now I’m trying to figure out how to proceed. I’ve had a couple of thoughts.

  1. Can I remove the application from my MBP and leave it on my phones and not have my data disappear? Then perhaps when I reload the app from my 1PW account things will go better?

2 I have 275 items in my current vault. I’m seriously considering the nuclear option. This involves creating a Numbers spreadsheet and entering in all of the log-in data, saving that file on the computer, and printing it out. Then removing the apps from all phones/pads and my MBP and starting from scratch. Tedious, but the silver lining is that I’d have a hard copy to work with and keep and it would help me cleanse the vault of the logins I don’t use anymore. I still have safari’s autofill to use.

  1. Bag the whole thing and switch to another password manager

If you are still reading all this, I'm grateful. If you have advice I'd be thrilled. Thanks.

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    Hello @jmlally! 👋

    I'm sorry for the issues that you've run into. Since you're already in contact with our support team over email I'm going to lock this thread so that we prevent confusion by duplicating efforts in two different places. We've been a little bit backed up due to the holidays but I'll get our team to respond to you over email as soon as possible. :)

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