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I see that i have a Travel Modus. I read all about what i see about this issue.
But why actually i need to turn them off for Travel. What can be happend where is unsave when i not turn on the travel Modus

Please explan me some exaple what can be happend to me when i not switch on travel Modus

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  • Hey @Dany:

    Great question! For a general overview of what Travel Mode is and how it works, this article is a good start: Use Travel Mode to remove vaults from your devices when you travel

    For a more specific example: if you are concerned about being stopped and asked to unlock your device, enabling Travel Mode would completely remove any vaults not marked as Safe for Travel from the 1Password apps on your devices. I know that when traveling internationally, frequently my colleagues will use Travel Mode to hide accounts that could access our internal systems.


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