Firefox Beta - Suggested Password Settings?


I'm running 1Password 8 on Mac with the Firefox extension. I've noticed that the suggested password dialog seems to be set differently than the last password suggestion settings I used in 1Password. In fact, I don't see a way to change the settings for the Firefox extension at all. Am I missing something or is this not a feature? If it's not, how do I go about requesting it to become one?


1Password Version: 8.5.0 (80500083)
Extension Version: 2.2.0
OS Version: macOS 12.2


  • jack.plattenjack.platten

    Team Member

    Hey @XenoPhage:

    Great question! 1Password in your browser now offers a few different password generation options:

    • Smart Passwords - Using a combination of what we've determined to work well most places, as well as looking for a passwordrules HTML attribute and check Apple's Password Manager Resources. The passwordrules attribute along with Apple's Password Manager Resources allows 1Password to detect if a site has specific password requirements that the Smart Password Generator isn't meeting by default. For more specifics on how the Smart Password Generator works, this blog post has some additional information: A smart(er) password generator | 1Password
    • Random Passwords - This generator allows you to customize and set options specifically. If a site requires a 25 character password with numbers and symbols, and the Smart Password Generator isn't picking up on it, using this generator and enabling the options you need would be your best bet.
    • Memorable Passwords - Full words along with a choice of separator and capitalization.
    • PIN Codes - Numbers only.

    I generally tend to leave 1Password in the browser set to Smart Passwords, as they work most places without needing to tweak them. If you've got further questions, I'd be happy to dig into it with you!


  • That would be wonderful.. but.. I've never seen that screen and for the life of me, I can't find it. How did you get there? When I'm in a new password field, I get this :

    Right clicking on it gives me the firefox right-click menu. Left clicking makes it just use the suggested password. I get the save login dialog box, of course, but nothing in there seems to let me set any sort of password parameters.

  • Oh hey.. there it is! Thanks!

    Doesn't seem to save the settings between uses, but I guess it's better than not having it at all..

  • jack.plattenjack.platten

    Team Member

    Glad to hear you found it @XenoPhage. Be sure to get in touch if you need anything in the future! :smile:

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