What data elements of 1Password 4 for iOS cannot be seen on 1Password 3 for Mac?

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1PW 3.8.20 on Mac
1PW 4.1.2 for iOS

What features of 1PW 4 for iOS I should not use if I want to be able to use the same data in 1PW 3 on a Mac?

Multiple websites in one entry? Will the secondary website will be recognized on the Mac, or do I still have to keep two separate entries on the Mac?
Custom fields? Will it show on the Mac?
Additional sections? Will it show on the Mac?

Perhaps it is covered somewhere on your website, but I could not find it so far.


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    Hi @Locker,

    We do need to clarify this a bit more, I'll add it to our list to work on.

    1. Your custom fields and sections will not show up in the main 1Password 3 for OS X, that'll be automatically show up when upgrading to 1Password 4 for OS X that we're working on right now.
    2. Accounts are converted to Logins in 1Password 4 for iOS but remain as Accounts in 1Password 3 for OS X if they are not edited in the iOS app. if you make changes to these items, it'll be converted as Logins when you sync it back to 1Password 3 for iOS
    3. Multiple website addresses are not usable for both the current 3.x browser extensions and the Mac App. They'll be useful as soon as we release both 1Password 4 for OS X and the browser extensions that comes with it.

    You can do anything you want in 1Password 4 for iOS, it'll show up automatically when we release 1Password 4 for OS X.

    Hope that helps for now.

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