Example of login roughness with Authorize.net

jasimon9jasimon9 Member

When I login at Authorize.net, here is what happens:

  1. Go to their login page (see screen shot)
  2. Place cursor in Username field
  3. 1P does not populate the the pulldown offering a login choice
  4. Clicking on the 1P icon at the right causes no response
  5. Click on 1P extension icon at top of browser does open the expected dialog with the proper login selected.
  6. Click Autofill does fill in the fields as expected.
  7. Login button works as expected at that point.

Since I know it works this way, I am in the habit of routinely skipping step 4 above; I am just describing it here for completeness.

This question is posed in the hope that it will help you with an example--I accept that this is just the way it is at this website.

1Password Version: 7.9.2
Extension Version: 7.9.2
OS Version: 10.15.7


  • jack.plattenjack.platten

    Team Member

    Hey @jasimon9:

    Thanks for letting us know about this. This specific site is something we're aware of, and I've added your feedback to the issue we have tracking this site. In the meantime, using the pop-up menu as you've been using would be your best bet.


    ref: dev/core/core#229

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