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I've seen a couple other posts on the subject but no clear cut guidance.

A family member has a bunch of passwords on their iPad, its their only mac/apple device. I can't believe there's not an easy way to "switch" from iCloud keychain to 1pass? It really has to be manual for ever entry??

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    Hi @tb582

    As it stands there is no export function for iCloud Keychain data on iOS. If it can't be exported, we can't import it. iCloud Keychain does have an export function on macOS, and we can import that, but I'm afraid that doesn't help if your family member doesn't have access to a Mac. I don't suppose you or another family member have a Mac that they could have a user account on, to do the export? If that would be possible, then this guide may help:

    Set up users, guests, and groups on Mac - Apple Support

    Once they have a user account on the Mac they should sign in using their Apple ID, and sync iCloud Keychain. We have a guide to walk them through the rest:

    Move your iCloud Passwords from Safari to 1Password

    After their data has been imported successfully the macOS user account created for them can be deleted. I hope that helps!


  • interesting - so this is a apple limitation ?

  • BenBen AWS Team

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    This isn’t something we’d be able to improve on our end without improvements from Apple. There is nothing for us to import if there is no export available, I’m afraid. I hope you’re able to find a way to connect your family member with a trusted Mac to complete this option, or that the process of copying the details over manually is a workable alternative.

    If Apple does add an export option on iOS for iCloud Keychain, similar to the option they have on Mac, it is likely our existing importer could be used with that.


    P.S. I've filed feedback with Apple on this under feedback ID FB9843810

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