Request password from Client - Feature request and workflow implementation suggestion

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We often need to request passwords from clients - for now they use onetimesecret to send them to us. It would be great if there was a feature to request a login from a client. I know this has been requested before, but there was uncertainty about how this could be made secure.

Here's how I see it working.

  • 1password user (user) selects "request password" from 1password UI
  • Enters recipients(client's) email address, timeframe for response, and the fields required
  • Client receives email with link - link only works for one click within allotted timeframe
  • Client is taken to a form where they complete the fields and submit
  • User receives email or notification that a password has been submitted
  • User clicks link - link opens webpage (or app?) authenticated by their login status in 1password (app?)
  • User has the option to review and save password to a vault

It would be a unique feature, incredibly useful, and do good things for general password security on the web - and is based on precedents set by 1password and onetimesecret, so seems feasible.

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  • This type of feature would be extremely valuable for our company too. Our team would use this feature all of the time to request passwords from clients. Plus, this creates free advertising for 1Password as external users (who are often IT decision-makers) receive secure password requests.

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    Hi @Zander_venn,

    Thanks so much for providing your helpful feature request with those specifications. I'll go ahead and file your feedback in our internal database so our developers can be made aware. :+1:

    For now, and I understand you're likely already aware of this, the recommendation is to invite these users as guests to your 1Password account and have them share items with you via a shared vault:

    Share with guests in your team

    ref: dev/projects/customer-feature-requests#973

  • ag_maxag_max

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    Thanks for adding your voice to this request as well. I can certainly see the value in this adding a feature, and I envision a lot of scenarios where this would be immensely useful.

  • Creating guests is tedious, and creates a lot of extra work for both sides: signing up, deleting guests, managing accounts. Massive overkill to get a single password from a client, and forces them to sign-up to something they might not want.

    We'll stick with onetimesecret until 1pass has a solution.

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    @Zander_venn, I appreciate you sharing your extra feedback with us, which I'll be able to share with our developers.

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