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Hello. I am using 1password v8.4.1 for windows with a Business or Team Account and a Family Account (my personal account). With version7 it required just one of the two to open the app but now I need to log into both accounts, which is fine.

When I am at the office, I mostly use the Business account, and that is the first account that the windows app requests. That is fine because I rarely use my personal account at the office.

When in my Home Computer (Since the pandemic's home office I ended up setting the business account at home too). I always get asked for the business account first and once inside I can log into my personal account. So, I end up logging into both accounts to get access to my personal info.

Is there a way to switch the first account the app requests, so I can log just into my personal account?

Thanks in advance.

1Password Version: 8.4.1
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Windows 11 [Version 10.0.22000.376]
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  • jack.plattenjack.platten

    Team Member

    Hey @osolopez:

    It sounds like you're using different account passwords across your two accounts, is that right? If so, entering the account password of your work account should only unlock your work account, and vice versa. Let me know if that's not what you're experiencing and I can dig into it further with you!


  • osolopezosolopez
    edited January 14

    Hi @jack.platten, thanks for replying!

    That is correct, I am using a different password per account, so therefore I need to access to each account to see the info.

    On version 7 by logging with the first account you've set up you could see the info for both accounts, and that would be the password needed to open the App.

    When I installed at the office, I got the business account set up first and then the personal. That way I would always log using the business account. When I upgraded to version 8, it stayed that way, allowing me to see all the business account info, if i need to use something from my personal account I need to select the account and type in the password. That's perfect.

    Now, at home, with version 7, when opening the App I was being asked the personal account password and from there I could see all the info. After upgrading to 8 my expectation was that when opening the app I would be asked for the personal account password and later for the business account. But that was not what happened. At home first I must log into the business account and then into the personal account.

    So, for example, to write this reply, after opening 1PW8 I had to log into the business account then select the personal account from the menu, log into that account to see my password for this site.

    What I'm saying is that it would be extremely helpful to either select from the beginning what account you want to log into or that in version 8 works the same way it did in version 7, the account to open the App is the one you configure first, and if you need to access any other account you can select it and log in using its password.

    Hope this is clear enough. Thanks again.

  • ali.hazimeali.hazime

    Team Member

    Hi @osolopez, thanks for your detailed follow up. 1Password 8 should allow you to unlock the account of your choice based on the password you enter. For instance, if you input the password for your personal account upon initial startup, then your personal account will unlock while your business account will remain locked (unless both accounts share the same password). Let me know if that's not the case and we can investigate further.


  • osolopezosolopez
    edited January 18

    Hi @ali.hazime! Thank you very much! It worked perfectly! I've just realized that the app always showed the icon for both accounts at startup. I got confused because I have the same profile photo on both accounts so I thought that I was seeing only the Business account.

    Needless to say, I've just changed my personal account account photo.
    Thank you very much!

  • ali.hazimeali.hazime

    Team Member

    You're most welcome @osolopez!

    I can definitely see how having the same icon could result in some confusion. I'm glad to hear that things are working as intended 😄


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