Can we talk about ellipses?

I think the 1Password UI is pretty spiffy overall, but I have one major complaint, which is this:

Why are there two panels for possible login suggestions AND the data?
1. The username is repeated, the left column shows only 20 chars of the login, the right panel about 30, but in most of my examples of logging into AWS or Azure these both get truncated with elipses -- "..." -- at the end, so I never see the full login
2. The name of the site is repeated, which is "Department of redundacy department"

I hate to think that I'm doing this wrong but I look at the extension UI and I am just wondering why the suggestions (left side) don't fill the entire dropdown and that data on the right panel be hidden unless needed? Can there be an option to do that?

Just look at this picture as an example, while it looks pretty, a heck of a lot of data is hidden behind UI elements which aren't fundamantally always needed.

I mean really, there are so many aspects of that tiny extension menui box that are entirely redundant.
Why can't I see the entire login name?
Why can't that window be resized or an option to be made larger?

Same problem exists here:

I like the data but I would prefer a bigger box and a real exposition of data because it's like parking a car in a cardboard box. A lot of data in a tiny amount of space is not helpful. Scrollbars and ellipses do not reveal the data.

In short I'd really like a way to introduce some customization of the visual dropdowns both in the fields and in the extension menu. It's way too tiny.

Granted, when you only have one option for a site, this is largely moot and I have no issues. But when you have lots of data, what you see and the granularity of what you see becomes performance impacting.

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