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G'day, a whole bunch of different ServiceNow sites authenticate via the site. Form-fill for username and password works perfectly but detection of the MFA/TOTP field on a subsequent page doesn't work at all. ServiceNow in their infinite wisdom make you re-do MFA for each of their sites every 24 hours, so I end up copying and pasting TOTP codes a lot of times every day.

Here's a quick grab of the input element:

Is the the sort of thing that can be addressed in a future update of the browser extension?

Cheers, Andrew

1Password Version: 8.5.0
Extension Version: 2.2.1
OS Version: macOS 12.1



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    edited January 17

    @EqualWing Hello!

    It sounds like you've run into a bug that has recently surfaced. I'm afraid we've exhausted all options to get this to work with a manual label in the TOTP field. We already tried changing the one-time password title to the corresponding HTML attributes of the name and id tags, but no luck.

    Our developers are tracking and investigating the issue further. Hopefully, they will be able to fix it soon.

    In the meantime, my best recommendation is to Drag and Drop your login details to the site: How to drag and drop. The Drag and Drop feature is supported with the 1Password extension as well as the desktop app.

    ref: dev/core/core#8339

  • EqualWingEqualWing
    edited January 15 , thanks. Fingers crossed!

    And thanks for the tip on drag and drop.


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    @EqualWing You're most welcome.

    Thank you for your understanding and support.

    Let us know if you have any other questions.

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